Terminal history – a small tip that can save you a lot of time [EN]

Today I have a very short tip about using a terminal. Did you ever have a situation that you’ve recently used some command but you can’t remember how it looked?
Of course, you can use the up arrow △, but it takes time…sometimes too long. I strongly encourage you to write a command on your own (not only using the copy-paste method…) but in some cases looking back may be useful 😉

So the trick is to use CTRL + R shortcut in the terminal, and open:

bck-i-search (in powershell)

take a look at this short gif:

it’s a very powerful tool, and I hope it will speed up your developing process!

  • If you need to find something else with exact substring just type CTRL+R once again
  • if you want to invoke the command type enter
  • if you want to modify it click the tab button.

This feature works on Linux, Mac and Windows Powershell.


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